Rice Purity Test
for Girls

Rice Purity test is the survey that is the amalgam of 100 common questions related to life to conclude the purity.

Rice Purity

Rice Purity Test for Girls

Welcome to rice purity test.

Are you ready to find out your rice purity score?

Score Breakdown

Rice Purity Score Details

Here is some of the information about the rice purity test you might be intrested in.

100 - 98

The best score is 100-98, but hardly people fall under this category.

Nobody found perfect among the 100 question survey, but if you passed the purity test quiz and achieved the score between 100 to 98, then you are an Incredible Personality.

It would help if you congratulated yourself by doing collar up. But it is an exceptional case.

97 - 93

The score 97 to 77 belongs to the categories of a good score. Let me explain in detail have a look at the Rice Purity scorecards.

The score 97 to 94 reflects that the individual belongs to the growing maturated personality, and they are among those people who never settle for anything else.

Little efforts can be made by them to achieve a score of 100.

93 - 77

The rice purity test score of 93 to 77 reveals that the college students experts in their respective fields and well versed in society and self-resistance.

It has encountered during the survey that this score was achieved by the middle class and higher class children.

well, more than half of the population descent in this category of test score.

76 - 45

If you are getting a score of 76 to 45, it shows that you are introverted, shy, demure, timid, and not social enough.

It would be best if you tried to improve yourself and work in the direction of becoming a more socialized personality.

Below 45

Below 45 scores in the Rice purity test indicate that individuals suffering from anxiety, mental disorder, or stress.

They need assistance to bring improvement in themselves and give them a perfect path to get an ideal way for his/her life.