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Rice Purity Test is to see how pure you are. It deducts points for activities done. It has 100 questions, and the lower the score you get, the more things you did and the less pure you are.

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All About Rice Purity Test

Here is some of the information about the rice purity test you might be intrested in.

What is Rice Purity Test?

Rice Purity Test also called a personality test, which is the survey created by Rice University situated in Houston, Texas. Rice University is trying to research intimate life through the various questions related to society, educations, criminal records, and many more.

There are total hundred questions that help in assessing the innocence of a person. The rice purity scores vary from 0% to 100%. The 100% reflect the person is pure as gold, and 0% shows the person is pathetic or can say least pure.

The Rice Purity test has created for fun, and students love to check their personality. Rice Test scores make them realize their character and help them to improve. Do not worry. The we never reveals your information; you will be kept anonymous. This purity test sounds one of the best surveys created by Rice University to know your personality in a better way instead of asking about yourself from the experts.

All the 100 questions are structured in such a way to make you go in profound realization about yourself, which has not been ever before.

How Rice Purity Test Work?

Rice Purity test quiz contains 100 questions and gets solved by making a Yes or No in front of the question, which is related to your life.

The rice test score varies from 0% to 100%, and it reflects the exploits and your experience in life. Without further delay, Let’s check out the steps for the rice purity score test.

I hope these steps make you quick to understand the working about the survey. Don’t hesitate to take the purity test; it shows you the path where to improve and make you judge your personality without someone helps. It helps you to make a good bond with your peers.

How Rice Purity Test Work

Why Do You Need to Test Rice Purity?

Rice Purity test quiz makes you realize how mature and innocent you are. I suggest every student should take this survey and know your personality most appropriately.

Young minds are full of energy would like to do well and achieve all luxury in life by a short period, which makes them deviate from the right path. They indulge some time in illegal activities and don’t realize they are doing or taking life in the wrong direction.

It even directs you to know a better way about your intimate life. If you not interested in discussing your nature with friends or at least interested in meeting the expert to know about your personality, then this survey made by Rice University is the best option to discover about yourself.

You can again apply for the purity test after a month or after two-three weeks as per your choice. Keep checking the very score time to find how much you have improved. It helps you how to indulge in society, mix with peers, and many other improvements can bring through the rice purity test quiz.

Don’t worry about your privacy this is 100% safe place to get personal test.

History of Purity test

In 1924, the first test of Rice Purity was taken under consideration and mainly given to women. It contains the questions like –have you ever been drunk? Have you ever cheated?

The Rice Purity test has a fascinating history and almost 95 years long. The main motive of the Test to help the college student to take new steps in college life and to make a good bond with peers.

The Rice Purity Test imitates the step to help the student to stop them from the illegal path. It is helping the student to improve where ever they are lacking behind and put the full stop on their bad omens. It is making the fresher student socialize in the unknown environment more.

If you have any doubts on your mind regarding the survey , then you may check frequently asked questions about the test of rice purity.

Score Breakdown

Rice Purity Score Details

Here is some of the information about the rice purity test you might be intrested in.

100 - 98

The best score is 100-98, but hardly people fall under this category.

Nobody found perfect among the 100 question survey, but if you passed the purity test quiz and achieved the score between 100 to 98, then you are an Incredible Personality.

It would help if you congratulated yourself by doing collar up. But it is an exceptional case.

97 - 93

The score 97 to 77 belongs to the categories of a good score. Let me explain in detail have a look at the Rice Purity scorecards.

The score 97 to 94 reflects that the individual belongs to the growing maturated personality, and they are among those people who never settle for anything else.

Little efforts can be made by them to achieve a score of 100.

93 - 77

The rice purity test score of 93 to 77 reveals that the college students experts in their respective fields and well versed in society and self-resistance.

It has encountered during the survey that this score was achieved by the middle class and higher class children.

well, more than half of the population descent in this category of test score.

76 - 45

If you are getting a score of 76 to 45, it shows that you are introverted, shy, demure, timid, and not social enough.

It would be best if you tried to improve yourself and work in the direction of becoming a more socialized personality.

Below 45

Below 45 scores in the Rice purity test indicate that individuals suffering from anxiety, mental disorder, or stress.

They need assistance to bring improvement in themselves and give them a perfect path to get an ideal way for his/her life.