About Us

Hey Folks! Welcome to Our Website! Your visit fills us with great delight. Rice Purity is a platform containing skilled experts and designers.

Our website will provide you the chance to participate in the Rice Purity Test. We help all the people to know some basic things about themselves. The test reveals some important things about your personality and will help you with a better approach in your life. The test is fun and might unveil some important and hidden facts about yourself, which you had never thought.

We are a team of experts and developers who are working efficiently to serve you the best with the test, which contains several questions about your life. You can entirely trust our website. You will be given 100 questions for answering, which will determine your character. Our website provides a survey reflecting on people’s character and personality, whether they are suffering from a mental problem or not. You might realize the depth of your character through the Rice Purity Test.

It was in 1924 when the test was designed only for women. The fresher candidates used to participate in this test to know themselves better. The test allows people to become socialized to create a good bond with their friends and relatives. This test includes questions from personal and social life related to love, sex, family, and education.

Our Team

Our team full of web designers, programmers, and developers provide a self-graded survey which will give you a reflection of your real identity. The experts design the questions in such a way that it might reveal the purity of a character. Our team is dedicated and determined to help the people who are having problems with their personalities. The skilled experts are trying to offer you a satisfying and enjoyable experience through this personality test. There are tests for both boys and girls.

Our Mission

The goal of our website is to groom people’s personalities. You might improve your character and personality by using this test. We will offer you the chance to know the rate of your personality through the scorecard. Our website’s mission is to help you with the proper assessment of your personality. Your life might get an interesting turn through this test. Besides, you might find a solution if you have a problem in your life caused by your character or personality. You might conquer tough situations in your life after knowing yourself better through this personality test. We aim to offer people a reliable service full of comfort, bringing them out of stress, depression, and anxiety. We want people to enjoy a happy and healthy life free from any mental problems.

Benefits of Rice Purity Test:

The rice purity test has so many benefits:

  • It might bring a tremendous change to your character.
  • You can groom yourself through this personality test.
  • You will be able to know the real you.
  • It might bring solutions to life-related problems. It also influences your intimate life.
  • You will also get the score by which you can determine the rate of your purity.
  • You will not have to consult an expert for your personality as you will get an idea through this test.
  • The test is also beneficial for college students. The test might bring a tinge of fresh air to your monotonous life.